Quality begins and ends with analysis, worldwide. Control and inspection at every stage of manufacture is today a pre requisite for any industry. And analysis has come to play a significant part in systematic implementation of certain standards that ensure customers’ confidence and satisfaction.

India today has joined that ranks of world-class industrialised nations. And a key part of the national growth plan is to achieve international standards of excellence in all industrial and allied operations.

Independent analytical expertise therefore has come to occupy a position of priority in the overall scheme of things. The task is enormous considering the speed and diversity of India’s technological and economic progress.


The year 1900 saw a sea change happen in Indian history. The first wave of the European Industrial Revolution had arrived. Spectacular things were happening in science, technology, commerce and allied fields. A new world of opportunity was replacing the old and the traditional.

It was at this critical juncture and in that same year India’s first Analytical Company in the private sector. R.V. Briggs & Co. Pvt. Ltd., was born.

RVB grew and matured and developed into an independent group of Analytical, Consulting & Technical Chemists. As its skills and experience grew and were honed to finer quality – RVB earned the confidence and trust of industries and business communities all over the world

The world vouched for R.V. Briggs, just as RVB vouched for their products.

Important Personalities

Dr. J. H. C. Shulten

Dr. Schulten, a German National, had laid the foundation of the Company.

Mr. R. V. Briggs

Mr. Briggs, a Britisher, gave the Company its present name.

Mr. M. J. H. Barlett

Mr. Bartlett, an Australian was instrumental in maintaining the highest standard of excellence in testing.

Mr. E. J. Brevleux

Mr. Brevleux, a Swiss was instrumental in operations.

Mr. A. Biswas

Mr. A. Biswas, who passed away in 1998, worked tirelessly for more than 50 years to give the Company its present pre-eminent position amongst testing laboratories in India.